David Chang Electrical & IT: My Story

After much of my working life with Australia's largest telecommunications provider, it's time to further expand.

David Chang Electrical & IT is about making your 'connected' life easier when it comes to everything electrical and just about anything technical.

I'm a real deal reliable sparky and I've got all my Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) telecommunications qualifications needed to help you out. These are in optical fibre, structured, co-axial, underground and aerial cabling. 

Less relevant, but nonetheless still part of the David Chang story is that I'm also a presenter and have a communications degree, specialising in public relations.

My training and experience has seen me do things like:

  • re-wire an entire working data centre without customers ever losing power;
  • restore a massive broadcast outage, which affected thousands during the Sydney Olympics, without your screen ever going dark;
  • In under 12 days build and lead a cross functional and geographically diverse team to launch a brand new digital IPTV channel;
  • Plan, develop and write regular internal communications for a 1000 person division;
  • Project lead and deliver outage free a live Internet stream broadcast of the 'race that stops a nation' to 40,000 simultaneous users;
  • Present videos and marketing communications to large audiences;
  • Design and build www.davidchangelectrical.com from the ground up in two weeks;

With my skills, I'll quickly demystify and solve your technical and electrical problems promptly and reliably, without charging you like a wounded bull.

You can be rest assured my years of technical and management experience has you covered when it comes to helping you master your digital and electrical domains.

Best regards,

NSW Contractor Licence:      149618C

NSW Electrical Licence:        14761S 

TITAB ACMA cabler Licence:  T16749

Certificate of Currency :       GS00333019