Audio Visual


My audio-visual expertise means you can rest easy.

I cut my teeth in professional broadcasting, with over seven years experience doing Outside Broadcasts (OB's) like the Bathurst V8s, the Melbourne Cup and years of Rugby League television.

I know the difference between HDMI & composite; baseband, broadband and RF signals; luminance, chrominance; and in how an XLR cannon should be wired.

Technically understanding how broadcasts get from the sports ground to your home means I can design, build, and troubleshoot any system to ensure your components are seamlessly communicating, displaying and sounding their optimum.

Better yet, I'm across all the new IPTV and cable solutions available - be it Apple TV, Netflix, Sonos, or something in between. 

I can design and build your home theatre to bring you the big sight and sound experience. All controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

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